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December 7, 2012

Nuclear Power At Bantamsklip Edges Closer?

Dateline: 8th December 2012.

Large scale road improvements in the Hermanus/Gansbaii area of the Western Cape may indicate that preparations for building a nuclear power station at Bantamsklip, near the Dyer Island shark sanctuary, are already starting despite no decision, apparently, having been taken! The massive road improvements will be necessary to service the construction phase of the power station but look of questionable value to an otherwise agricultural and tourism nominated area.

As far as SCS is aware no comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment has been carried out to determine the impact that building a nuclear power station at Bantamsklip would have. The area is home to the largest scale Great white shark eco-tourism, and thousands of people travel there each year to watch Southern Right whales.

Tourism and eco-tourism are huge earners in the area, and although the power project would bring short and medium term employment and business gains, if it destroyed the marine eco-system and killed the eco-tourism, the short term gains would be forgotten as the long term losses were counted.

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