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October 2, 2013

Expedition Marred By Oil Exploration?

Dateline 2nd October 2013.

The latest SCS expedition has just returned from eight days at sea in the Adriatic. The expedition was working collecting shark data and samples for Aberdeen and Split Universities. 100 hours were chummed in places which hitherto had produced good sightings of juvenile blue sharks in some areas, and adults in others. Despite the intensive chumming effort no sharks were seen and outside the Kornati islands no cetaceans were seen either.

Spectrum, the Norwegian seismic Imaging company, has been conducting large scale operations assessing offshore oil and gas potential. The Swiss group OceanCare expressed concern that these surveys would affect cetaceans such as dolphins, pot whales and beaked whales. On previous SCS expeditions dolphins were regularly encountered, and so the lack of these cetaceans on this expedition probably proves that OceanCare's concerns were correct. In addition to cetaceans it looks as if sharks may have fled the area, as 100 hours chummed on known shark marks with no result is an indicative and worrying situation.

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