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December 10, 2012

Great White Shark Shot In Tunisia

Dateline 4th December 2012.

It is with much sadness that the Society has become aware of an online video of a Great white shark being repeatedly shot and killed off the Tunisian coast, having become trapped in what seem to be tuna nets . The video it is available at

Great white shark numbers in the Mediterranean appear to be seriously depleted and this loss is viewed with concern by the Society. The Society has and will continue to strive for increased protection for Great whites in the region. In 2005, SCS conducted an expedition in the Adriatic which helped produce data supporting the case for the Great white shark to be protected, and this was put into law by Croatia in 2006. In 2014, SCS will work in Edremit Bay (Turkey) at sites where juvenile Great white sharks have been reliably recorded (there are still places available on this expedition), in order that credible data can be gathered to help secure effective conservation measures.

The Society is always grateful for any Great white shark news from the Mediterranean.

[Please note that the Society is unable to verify either the location or date of this video]

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