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October 22, 2013

Wildaid Claims 50% - 70% Reduction In Chinese Fin Consumption

Dateline 21st October 2013.

WildAid's Peter Knight is being widely quoted claiming a 50% - 70% reduction in shark fin consumption in China. China consumes 95% of the world's shark fin production, and has long been recognised by WildAid as being the crucial battle ground to save many of the world's shark species from extinction.

Many in conservation NGO's (possibly jealous) ask where the figures are coming from and whether they can be substantiated? SCS suspects the figures can't be accurately substantiated, but believes these figures represent a trend, and as such WildAid and other Chinese campaigners are to be congratulated rather than questioned.

If the trend continues and grows China will be where the world's sharks will be saved.

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