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October 13, 2008

Scs - Adriatic White Shark Attack October 2008 Part 3

Dateline - 13-10-08


Moreover, that record was the proof of theory we have published few years

ago in scientific paper about relationship of tuna population and great

white shark occurrence in the eastern Adriatic, where one of conclusions

was that future records of great white would probably be at open sea and

somehow connected to tuna.

Since mid of June, ban on tuna fishing is enforced. Tuna is usually caught

in areas around island of Vis and more south, so it can be presumed that

now tuna schools are freely moving toward central Adriatic followed by

great white shark. It can not be known how many great whites are in that

area currently, but definitely something positive is that great white

still lives in the Adriatic from where it was significantly depleted in

last 50 years."

Alen Soldo

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