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October 28, 2008

Scs - New Kuwaiti Laws On Shark Fisheries

Dateline 31-10-08

Dareen Almojil, our representative in Kuwait has now clarified the new laws affecting sharks. SCS is delighted to be able to report this progress.


Its forbbiden to catch sea turtles, sea mammals and sharks (except the two kinds, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides and Rhizoprinodon oligolinx) and Rays as well as any rare fish or marine creatures of all its kind, sizes or ages. its also prohabited to collect bivalves and turtle eggs and any disturbance to its nesting sites around the island beaches and coastal zones of kuwait.


its prohibited to sell or exhibit any of the marine organisms mentioned in law.1 or any of its parts in any of the fish market or shops in kuwait.


its required from all fishermen commercial or recreational including fisheries agencies to release ann alive marine organisms from the mentioned before (LAW.1) in the sea from their fish catch, and inform the Public Authority of Agriculture and Fisheries (PAAF) of any incident.


PAAF works in co operation with coast guards, EPA, Ministry of commercial and industry and the customs in enforcing this law and put it in practice.


exceptional catch is permitted for scientific and research requirements, which will only be allowed after applying for a permit from PAAF.


the permit will be verified and accepted from PAAF when any application is submitted from any scientific or research sector where the place and time required to carry out the fishing procedure.

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