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January 5, 2009

Scs - Sharks, Skates And Rays Christmas Present

Dateline 23-12-08

Porbeagles, Spurdogs, Angel sharks, Common Skate, and others, will all benefit under new E.U. catch decisions. Reduced landings, zero landings, and minimum catch sizes are all measures given pre-Christmas nods by the E.U.

SCS understands the position of some conservationists who feel new rules don't go far enough. Nevertheless the Society believes this is real progress and congratulates all those in DEFRA, the Shark Trust, the Shark Alliance, and others, who played parts in this positive outcome.

We hope that with a new U.S. President abhout to take office and ever increasing global awareness re: environmental and conservation issues, 2009 will see many more realistic and positive conservation and environmental initiatives.

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