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July 31, 2009

Spanish Blue Shark Attacks

Dateline 27-07-09

Newspapers reported beaches being closed along the Tarragona Coast of Spain. An unnamed 11 year old holiday maker was rushed to hospital for treatment to a 2 inch cut on her foot. The wound was said to be the result of a shark attack, the girl was later sent home.

The "attack" occured just after 10.00 a.m. at Sant Salvador de El Vendrell beach and the marine police were reported to be patrolling the coast hunting the fish.

Newspapers further reported that the shark concerned was believed to be a Blue shark.

SCS is not aware of any proof that a Blue shark was involved, and for an open ocean pelagic shark like a Blue shark to be involved in an incident in shallow waters close inshore would be very unusual.

The incident follows panic in South Korea when two Hammerheads were seen swimming "in the sea" off the coast of Tangyoung. Perhaps it might have been more appropriate to panic had the sharks been seen driving cars!

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