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August 3, 2009

Cornwall Shark Cage Diving

Dateline 03-08-09

In 2005 Richard Peirce ran the first pilot days for Blue shark cage diving in the UK. In 2006 he started Shark Cornwall to demonstrate a new eco-tourism opportunity for Cornwall and a “live” rather than “dead” value for sharks. The project is a spectacular success with encounter rates exceeding 60% and demand far outweighing supply.

In the interests of public safety and to create and maintain high standards in this fledgling tourism activity Richard has now created the Cornwall Cage Diving Operators Association (CCDO). Members of CCDO will have signed up to a code of conduct, and will have had to demonstrate previous on the water practical experience of cage diving operating. Richard commented “The cages are more dangerous than the sharks, but operators learning by trial and error is the most dangerous thing of all, this is playing with people’s safety. The public can be assured that with CCDO members the operator knows his stuff”.

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