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SCS is a small volunteer run Society which has achieved an enviable record of conservation and research wins. The world today is obsessed with everything needing to be safe. A small adventure group of shark enthusiasts (SCS) simply can't afford the legal, insurance and administrative back-up which would guard against any risks of SCS having to pay out in the event of a claim or a legal action. The cost of our expeditions would have to double or treble!

When I read last year that a BBC film crew had to do a 'risk assessment' before filming a group of Morris dancers it brought home to me just how pathetic the world has become, we all know how dangerous knotted hankies can be! Today's adventurer who wants to be safe must wrap him/her self in cotton wool, go to bed and watch TV.

The directors of the Society are currently studying this problem searching for a way for our expeditions to be able to continue. It is with great regret therefore we have to announce that until this process has been completed, and a way forward found, we will have to suspend expeditions.

To our loyal supporters and past volunteers the message is 'We are not going away, won't lie down, and will find a way at going on, even if it involves all volunteers having to buy shares in cotton wool and avoid Morris dancers'! More to follow.

Cornwall Porbeagle Expedition

Porbeagle Shark Expedition - Cornwall July 10 - 16 2009 (Report written by Richard Peirce)

Personnel And Acknowledgements

Organisers - Richard & Jacqui Peirce

Expedition Leader - Richard Peirce

Expedition members/Volunteer researchers - Abbi Scott, Mark Boothman, Shane Benzie, Miguel Gallego, Rebecca Coales, Simon Spear, Leslie Guinn.

Videographer - Simon Spear

SCS would like to thank:-

  • Karl Bennett
  • Julian Bolitho
  • Marie Glossop (rescue torch holder)


  • Achieve underwater still Porbeagle images, and underwater film footage.
  • Determine whether it's possible to cage dive with these sharks.
  • Continue gathering data for our Porbeagle map of the area.


Only two sites were worked due to adverse weather. These sites were in the same general area as were worked in 2007/08.


Out of seven days planned only two were actually worked. This was due to an unsettled period of wet and windy weather.


Fresh and frozen (minced) mackerel in both bags and bait tubes. Chumming conditions were not ideal on either of the two days at sea.


July 10th - Lilly May II - J. Bolitho

July 16th - Mantis - K. Bennett


Friday July 10th.

Three sites were chummed across Bude Bay. Conditions were choppy seas, intermittent rain, overcast all day with 15-20 m.p.h. winds. No sharks were seen, but conditions would have made sightings difficult were sharks there. 8 hours worked.

Saturday July 11th.

Cancelled - adverse weather.

Sunday July 12th.

Cancelled - adverse weather.

Monday July 13th.

Cancelled - adverse weather.

Tuesday July 14th.

Cancelled - adverse weather.

Wednesday July 15th.

Cancelled - adverse weather.

Thursday July 16th.

Two sites were chummed at the north end of Bude Bay. Incessant rain all day, choppy seas, 15-20 m.p.h. winds made the sighting of any sharks impossible. 9 hours worked.


The 2009 Porbeagle expedition was effectively a non event due to weather conditions. Neither of the two days worked produced reliable results due to conditions.

N.B. It has been noted that this is the fourth year when there has been settled weather in May/June followed by unsettled, often unworkable periods during July/August with settled weather returning in September. For our 2010 Porbeagle work we will work on a weather reactive basis and go to sea earlier in June if weather conditions appear settled.

Well done to all those involved for their tolerance and patience displayed during the long boring hours sitting ashore.


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