Scientific Papers

As a result of coming on SCS expeditions scientists have been able to gather data which has often resulted in papers being published.

The following papers resulted from, or were contributed to by, SCS expeditions and can be found on the internet by using google and searching under titles, elsevier, google scholar etc.

  • Moore A. B. M. & Peirce R. J. Composition of Elasmobranch landings in Bahrain published online 19 Dec 2013. This was published in the African Journal of Marine Science.
  • Moore, A. B. M., McCarthy, I. D., Carvalho, G. and Peirce, R. (in press) Species, size, sex, and male maturity composition of previously unreported elasmobranch landings in Kuwait, Qatar and Abu Dhabi Emirate. Journal of Fish Biology.
  • Moore, A. B. M., Ward, R. D. and Peirce, R. (in press) Sharks of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf: a first annotated checklist. Zootaxa.
  • Moore, A. B.M. (2011) Elasmobranchs of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf: ecology, human aspects and research priorities for their improved management, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries (doi: 10.1007/s11160-011-9222-x).
  • Moore, A. B. M., White, W. T, Ward, R. D., Naylor, G. J. P. and Peirce, R. (2011) Rediscovery and redescription of the smoothtooth blacktip shark Carcharhinus leiodon (Carcharhinidae), from Kuwait, with notes on its possible conservation status. Marine and Freshwater Research, 62: 528-39 (doi: 10.1071/MF10159).
  • Moore, A. B. M., White, W. T. and Peirce, R. (2010) Additions to the shark fauna of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf (Carcharhiniformes: Hemigaleidae and Carcharhinidae). Zoology in the Middle East, 50: 83-8.
  • 2008 - Results of Porbeagle tagging off North Cornwall (Dr Nicholas Pade et al)
  • Soldo, A., Peirce, R. (2005) Shark chumming in the Eastern Adriatic. Annales Series Historia Naturalis 15, 23-28.
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