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July 18, 2009

Scs - Porbeagle Expedition July 2009

Dateline 18-07-09


The third SCS Porbeagle expedition was scheduled between July 10 - 16 inclusive and was to be followed by three public days. Very unsettled weather caused five of the seven expedition days to be cancelled, and all three of the public days were also lost to the weather. On the two days we did get to sea conditions were so bad that we wouldn't have seen the sharks had they been there. Three Nursehound sharks were caught and released on the final day.

Next years Porbeagle days will be scheduled as soon as, anytime after June 1st, we have a settled high pressure dominated spell of weather i.e. we'll let the weather decide the dates rather than us. We hope to do these days on two weekends next June and those who were booked this year will be given priority.

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